Only in the Magazine | What's Inside the April Issue

Anna Blake shares part one of her five-part series helping us ‘Build our Bubble’ with our equine partner. Regular author Helen O’Hanlon encourages us to spend some time putting pen to paper with her ‘Journaling for Success’ article. Ross Cooper explores the ‘Sacred Space’ created between humans and horses, and Freddy Steele explores if pain or behaviour are drivers behind how our horses interact with us.

Who could forget Riley’s journey? Hanna Walton brings us along for the ride with part two of her ‘Rehabbing Riley’ series.

With the weather still being a little unpredictable, Al Dunning still has plenty for us to get on with when the weather interferes with our plans.

Nature v Nurture, Ben Longwell of True West Horsemanship, invites us to look at the impact that training and handling can have on our horse's personalities.

How is your riding position? Alessia Pagani shows us how our stance in the saddle can make all the difference to our riding.

Also, in this issue, Kate reviews the second season of Ultimate Cowboy Showdown, a must-watch TV show that came out recently on one of the streaming channels.


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 Explore enlightening ways to be with your horse  
 Western Riding

What is western riding? How do I get started?  What tack should I use? What do I wear?

If you want to learn western but aren't sure where to start, what questions to ask or just want to learn the lingo, then read our quick guide here to learn more about the wonderful world of western riding.

Most of us have an idea of western riding, at least in part based on watching Hollywood movies. As with all types of horseback riding, there is a fascinating history behind the western style of riding. But, most importantly it is born out of the need to get a job done and that was to move cattle and horses over distances on varied terrain. While you might imagine this is fast-paced work, for the most part, it is slow and careful, to maintain the value of cattle they must arrive in good condition.


  What is Horsemanship?

Horsemanship is an ancient skill that has been passed down through generations for centuries. Horsemanship can be used to describe any equestrian sport and refers to the process of training and caring for horses and riding them. There are many horsemanship principles that you might want to know about to increase your understanding of this fascinating world!

For a long time, horses were used for work and needed to be trained quickly to become compliant, these methods may yield fast results, but they are not reliable over time and can damage horses mentally and physically.

The most important thing to remember is that horses are not machines. They have their own minds and thoughts, which means they need a lot of patience from the rider for them to be happy with what's happening around them at any given time!


An equipreneur is someone who starts their business because of their passion for horses, hoping to make a profit or a difference in the world to help horse owners and their horses.  Some dare to do both!

An equipreneur is willing to take risks to get their business off the ground and isn't afraid to seize new opportunities as they arise. They diversify; they are always learning and probably also mucking out, riding, taking care of the family, all while making their business a success.

👋 Hello fellow equipreneur, I'm glad you found us! We love meeting and working with talented equine business owners.

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