Sept/Oct 2018

HJ FC Oct 18.jpg
HJ FC Oct 18.jpg

Sept/Oct 2018



Welcome to the October issue of Horsemanship Journal.

In this issue, we welcome a new author to HJ, Bev Walton. Bev has over 40 years of experience with horses, specialising in horse psychology and behaviour. In her article, Bev looks at the importance of groundwork.

The summer has left many of us with fields with little grass, and as we move into the winter, we can look forward to months of muddy paddocks. Maintaining paddocks that can keep horses stimulated has year-round challenges. Ross Cooper provides some easy to do ideas to enrich paddocks and keep horses stimulated (page 12).

In our training articles, Alessia Pagani discusses training and getting the job done, and Gary Witheford helps us work with our horses to overcome fears.

In science, new research explores advancing Gene Therapy for Equine Lameness. Dr Catrin Rutland, Associate Professor of Anatomy and Developmental Genetics, provides us with an overview of this fascinating research (page 8).

Lucy Irvine keeps us up to date with her vital work helping horses in Bulgaria. In this issue, she tells about Amber’s story and how LIFE has helped her (page 22).

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