Should horses be rugged?

Excerpt from Horsemanship Journal - Issue 5, 2015

Your Thoughts

A recent survey was conducted by Western Horse UK and Horsemanship Journal which included questions about rugging. Of the 114 respondents, 65 % felt that horses were often over-rugged whereas, only 4 % felt horses were often under-rugged. 20% believed horses were both often over-rugged and under-rugged and 4 % believed that they were neither. The remaining 7 % did not know.

When asked if they rug their horses to prevent a thick coat for showing, 32 % said they did, 27 % said they did sometimes but 41 % said they did not. Furthermore, 45 % of respondents said they find it hard to find well-fitting rugs and 37 % said they sometimes find it hard. Only 18 % replied that they did not find it hard to find well-fitting rugs.

It is worth noting that only 4 % had reported that their horses were always stabled and only 11 % were always turned out. 84 % said that their horses were both stabled and tuned out.

Many people choose to rug there horses, whereas others are firmly against it.