Horsemanship Journal is a multi-media publication printed back-to-back with the award winning title Western Horse UK. Launched in 2013, it seeks to bring together inspiring and educational articles from horsemen and women the world over. With no bias towards one method or another, Horsemanship Journal features experts from many disciplines and schools of thought. 

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Over the decades the ratio of working horses to pleasure horses has changed significantly, and with it a change to the way that equestrians wish to communicate and care for their horses. Horsemanship Journal readers are concerned with improving equine health, care and management. They desire a connection with their horses, with the horse’s natural behaviour being the key to a mutually rewarding relationship. 

Horsemanship Journal readers are open minded and keen to explore new ways of being with their horses, not just in terms of training but also how they keep and care for their equine partners.